Alice In Lace (#8)

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What a weird cover.

Alice in Lace
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
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[#30 in my 75 book challenge]

So it’s basically going to a Alice book review every Wednesday for the next two months or so. Yeah. Because I read THAT MANY of them over spring break.


Now that Alice and her friends are in eighth grade, they feel like the big kids on campus. And Alice is getting married to Patrick! No fear, it’s just a school project in their “Critical Choices” unit in health class. Pamela is a teen mom and Elizabeth is buying a car. Alice celebrate Lester’s 21st birthday, Patrick is upset because Alice never kisses him first, Elizabeth is in love with a teacher, Alice finds out that Miss Summers has been dating another man besides her father, Alice’s dad hires a new girl at the Melody Inn, Alice stands up for the truth when she feels a lie has been told, a real wedding is announced, and a baby is born (Elizabeth’s baby brother). It’s just a few months in the life of Alice McKinley, huh?

Issues Tackled

Teacher/student sexual misconduct, financial responsibility, teen pregnancy, wedding nights, childbirth, buying a car, apartment shopping, wedding planning.


“I wondered how many of the babies born in this hospital had changed lives around completely, for better or worse. How many dreams they’d begun and how many they’d ended.”

“Was it worth it, all these bold and beautiful plans? Or did it just set you up for disappointment somewhere down the line?”

FINAL GRADE:  B  I liked the teacher and how he taught this course. I wish I could teach something like this with my students, because the lessons learned are important ones, even if the situations were hypothetical. I think all the Alice books from her eighth grade year should be packaged together as one edition — everything in these books is so in-between that sometimes it feels like nothing major has actually happened.

What life lesson do you wish someone had taught you in seventh grade? What part of being a “grown up” was the hardest to adjust to? (My answer? Paying taxes!)


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3 responses to “Alice In Lace (#8)

  1. We had a class sort of like this but obviously not effective enough as I ended up learning a lot of lessons the hard way. I wish that there was more time spent in high school discussing how to make a household budget (and stick to it) as I think most of us growing up in the middle class don’t realize what we’re getting ourselves into as we become adults.

  2. Another wonderful review that SO keeps me in touch with what young teens are reading–and learning and worrying about! What I wish someone had taught me in seventh grade was that I should relax about what was important to me, what my goals were, and stop beating myself up because they were perceptually “different” than those of my classmates! The hardest part of being grown up is having to act like I have it “together” all the time!

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