Outrageously Alice (#9)

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I have a feeling this cover alone made some parents say "NO WAY" to this book for their daughters.

Outrageously Alice (#9)
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
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[#31 in my 75 book challenge]


Alice is going to be a bridesmaid in her brother’s ex-girlfriend’s wedding, and she’s feeling very grown up. In between learning all about weddings, wedding parties, and wedding nights there’s also a lot going on at school. She decides to join a club, trying both the Explorer’s Club and the Camera Club. She also get groped in a closet at the Haunted House, dyes her hair green, accidentally dyes some clothes pink, accompanies her father to the emergency room, and gets some unwanted attention from an older boy. It’s just another few months in the life of Alice McKinley.

Issues Tackled

Wedding nights, lingerie, wanting to be different, navigating physical relationships with boys, make-up, laundry, joining clubs.


“I guess the kind of person you really are will win out in the end; it’s not something, like green mousse, you can just apply.”

FINAL GRADE:  B While I do remember this one from reading it years ago, I only remembered the hair dying and the lingerie…and that’s most likely because those two scenes are featured on different versions of the book. However, in reading them back-to-back in order like I have been lately, it’s kind of forgettable. There’s usually one or two major events in each book that stand out, and the rest is the general progression of Alice’s life. She gets a little less awkward, a little more knowledgeable, and a little more confident in each book. Sometimes she takes a step or two backward, but mostly she’s slowly moving forward. Within one book this may not be noticeable, but by this book it is obvious that Alice has come a long way over the course of nine books and two years. And she still has a looooong way to go!

What crazy things did you do as a teenager to get noticed or stand out? 


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2 responses to “Outrageously Alice (#9)

  1. Wonderful continuation of the Alice series. I particularly like the combination of Alice’s experiences in this book. Something crazy I did to get notice was jump out of our barn loft loading bay onto the back of a horse standing below! I also tried to get notice all the time for insertion of quotes from “great literature” into my high school classmates’ conversations. The jumping out of the barn loft made a better impression!

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