Allegiant by Veronica Roth | Review

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Allegiant by Veronica Roth | ReviewAllegiant by Veronica Roth
Series: Divergent #3
Published by HarperCollins on 2013-10-22
Genres: Dystopian, Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 544
Source: Purchased from the Nook store

Allegiant is the third and final book in Veronica Roth's Divergent series. If you haven't read the seriesI suggest starting with my review of Divergentbecause this review may contain spoilers for both Divergent and Insurgent

For the rest of you, do I really need to give a summary here? The Factionless have taken over the city, but new information is revealed that continues to polarize its inhabitants. Tensions run high as Tris learns the truth about her city, her past, and her self...but at what cost? Bla bla bla...I'm sure you already know the blurb.

I said in my review of Insurgent that I pretty much gave up on this series in 2012. After Allegiant, though, I’m glad I continued reading. This little novel is everything I love about dystopian trilogies. Life outside the fence! Lies! Secrets revealed! New enemies! Inherent inequality! Character deaths! Old journals! Surveillance! Forgiveness! Genetic manipulation! Mostly I was just super excited to see what was outside of the fence and to learn more about the history behind the city.

There’s also this little issue of the TOTALLY SHOCKING ENDING THAT JUST HAD EVERYONE IN A TIZZY. I mean, I guess I can see why it was TOTALLY SHOCKING, but I was actually really impressed with what Veronica Roth did here. This is her story. It’s a story of war. I don’t want a sugar-coated, cotton-candy dream of a novel. I want realism. Roth delivered. My only gripe with the scene in question was that I felt the writing could have been a little stronger. Maybe I was reading it all too quickly (“OMG, what happens next!”), but it was all very rushed and confusing — but not in that on-purpose, reflective-of-the-rushed-and-confusing-situation kind of way. More of a I’m-on-a-deadline kind of way.

While I liked the book over all (Insurgent < Allegiant < Divergent), my biggest complaint is the dual narration between Tris and Tobias. I just didn’t care about Tobias. I didn’t find his point of view interesting or compelling. Half the time I was lost because he and Tris sound exactly the same. Upon finishing the novel, I have a better idea of why Tobias’s side is necessary, but I just didn’t find it convincing.

Final Grade: B-

I was really afraid this was going to end like Requiemso I was pleasantly surprised overall. However, like Mockingjay, I may find myself completely forgetting the plot of the novel in just a few week’s time (seriously, I remember less than four things about Mockingjay) (there’s no link on Mockingjay because I just realized I read it in September 2010…which may have something to do with my lack of memory). Listen, if you own Divergent, you do need to continue on with the series and read all three. If you have Divergent in your library, you must complete the set. However, the spoiler-crazy people on the internet are not going to shield you from the TOTALLY SHOCKING ENDING for long, so you’d really better consider reading Allegiant ASAP while you can still be surprised by the ending. I’m just laying down the voice of reason here — there will be a day when we’ll all drop Allegiant spoilers without batting an eye. Proceed at your own risk. Oh, and bring some tissues. Tears will fall in volumes approaching the size of the wave on on the cover. You’re welcome.

What did you think of this series finale? Rage-inducing? Underdeveloped? Appropriate? 

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13 responses to “Allegiant by Veronica Roth | Review

  1. I am so glad that you found THE scene to leave something to be desired. I had to go back and re-read it to make sure it happened. It just didn’t have the punch-in-the-gut feeling I would have expected. Yes, POV was disappointing. In fact I thought the best part of the book was all the back story about genetic manipulation and its consequences. I cared much more about Tris and Tobias in Divergent….

  2. There were two things I didn’t like about Allegiant (which is why it got a 4 instead of a 5 in my own review) – the way Tobias didn’t have his own voice (as you pointed out, if the chapters didn’t have character headings, I would have had no idea who was speaking) and the “new” GP vs. GD arc in the middle. THAT part was rage-inducing to me (as was actually getting spoiled) but the ending wasn’t. Once I finally read the book, I understood why she made the choices she did with the characters and the dual POV – I only wish she’d written it a little better.

  3. I found this book really boring up until the end, personally. However, I would agree about Mockingjay. I couldn’t tell you more than a few things that happened in it.

  4. I’m with ya on Tris and Tobias sounding too much alike. I did like the dual POV though, only wish she would have done it a little different. The ending….oh the ending! Is it wrong that I jumped up and down when I read it? Not out of happiness for what happened to *cough* you know, but out of thankfulness that Roth didn’t do the cookie-cutter happy ending. It was definitely a shock when I finally realized what happened. I was in the OMG what happens next?! mode when reading that, so it took a few minutes to sink in. All in all, I liked the series more than I thought I would. 🙂

  5. Great review! It seems the dual narrator thing is kind of popular right now for some reason. I guess it allows you to do more with the plot. I agree with your thoughts on the ending. Yes, I was bummed, but as a fellow author, I also appreciated Veronica Roth for having the guts to write it. You can check out my review here if you want. Happy reading!

  6. Yeah, the changes in POV always had me confused! I’m very glad I read this book almost as soon as it came out because afterward I was seeing spoilers for it everywhere that would have devastated me if I’d been a few days slower in picking this book up. It seems like some people/reviewers needed to get out their feelings so badly and immediately they didn’t even think about all of the people who hadn’t read Allegiant yet!

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