Extra Credit | New Bookcases!

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Extra Credit


Extra Credit is a new weekly(ish) feature where I give a quick shout-out to bookish things I love.

This week, I’m giving Extra Credit to my new bookcases!

bookshelvesThey are nothing fancy, just three Billy bookcases from IKEA that I bought and built over the holidays. Don’t they look nice in my dining area? I have bookcases in the living room area and my bedroom already, but Iย clearlyย needed them. I mean, look at how full they are already!

What is the bookcase situation like in your house? Do you have a favorite bookcase?


Tara is a PhD student studying education. Her dissertation will be on digital book communities as public pedagogy (ask her about it!), though she often takes a break from all of that to read books about oppressive governments and sassy teenagers. In a former life, she was a middle school teacher and middle school librarian. In her future life, she's a professor of YA lit. In her free time, she drinks a lot of coffee while planning her next grand adventure (there's always something).

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35 responses to “Extra Credit | New Bookcases!

  1. Faraziyya

    its out of the topic but i have a question,
    what software or apps did you use to create badge for every feature of your blog? thanks.
    by the way, yes they’re nice bookcases you have there.
    simple, clean and nice ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Tara

      Thank you! I use PicMonkey for all of my graphics. They have a lot of fun extras that let me try new things, and I’m kind of obsessed.

  2. Lovely, I do like how you’ve put them in a long row. I LOVE my built in shelving in my living room, when we got them made we specified the width based on different types of books!

    • Tara

      That’s actually a really smart idea. I have some books that never fit right on standard shelves. Maybe one day I could have custom shelves made to fit the tall and the wide ones that never have a home!

  3. I definitely need some bookshelves. Right now, my books are really awkwardly stacked in front of either in the cube storage I in my room. I especially love yours because they match my bedroom set (gotta love IKEA).

    • Lol. I’m on my phone right now, so there’s a typo in my comment. “Either” is supposed to say “each other.”
      It’s also supposed to say “I HAVE in my room.” Pardon me. I shouldn’t be using my phone to type right now because I just woke up XD

      • Tara

        I’m terrible with typing properly with my phone, so I can’t judge. Prior to the book case purchase, these books were all just stacked under my Christmas tree. It was a lot less cute once I put the tree away and the cats kept knocking them over.

        • Haha! My textbooks and various classics are all around my desk right now. It sucks when I trip over them while getting ready for school. Somehow, I know where everything is. Controlled chaos.

    • Tara

      It’s actually my roommate’s bike, but I’m planning on getting one this summer because we live right on 22 mile bike trail.

  4. When we moved to Austin, I had some walls removed and five bookcases, seven shelves high, built along a wall of the living room. The guys installed them, looked at me, and said, “There is NO WAY you have that many books.” I snorted. They returned the next day and found them full.

    They bought me a beer.

    I’ve had to do two major culls of the stacks since then, and judging by the number of books stacked in front of and on top of the shelved books (not to mention on the dining-room table, by my bed, and in the car), another cull is overdue.

    I’ve had people befriend me simply because they liked my bookshelves. They knew they would get along with anyone who read that much.

    • Tara

      While I do own this house, I know I’m not going to be here long enough to justify spending a lot of money on built ins. But once I leave this town and move to my more “permanent” life, MASSIVE built-ins will be my first purchase. These ones will go in my office or something. You and I would definitely get along with our bookcase love!

  5. My bookcase situation is critical. I have one. One bookcase that I’ve had since I was about 6. And you can’t actually see it for books… Me and my dad are gonna build some shelves in the study. But until then? You’ll fin books stacked in the weirdest places. Mostly in my wardrobe and in the towel cupboard. :s

    • Tara

      Too many books, too little space! Yeah, I’ve got 5 smaller bookcases downstairs and two big ones flanking my television. At this point, I will have to get rid of books rather than any more bookcases!

  6. Oh I love these! They look really great in your dining room! I have two shelves in my living room and they’re starting to look like an eyesore. I really need a new bookshelf situation pronto!

    • Tara

      IKEA! These were $59.99 each, I think. Cheaper in the white. I have two big bookcases in the living room, and had started double stacking the books and I just knew it was time!

  7. I’ve a small bookcase in my bedroom full of books that has just started to overflow. Im gonna need a new one soon. And somewhere to put it haha.

    • Tara

      My books are able to breathe now, but we’ll see how long it takes before I’m double stacking them or lining them up on top of the bookcase! I give it two years, max.

      • Good for you, I buy books at a much slower pace, but still have the dream to own enough books to justify turning one of the rooms into my own private library ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Very nice! Lately I’ve been getting rid of books when my shelves get too full but would love a new shelving situation. Looks great!

    • Tara

      One of the reasons I got these, actually, is so I can take a pretty fabric and put it on the back. I don’t really want to paint or wallpaper in that room, so a fabric would add some color. Clearly all of my interior design decisions revolve around bookcases…I can’t help it.

  9. I too am in need of a new book case and what a lovely post to just appreciate yours. I will check out IKEA. I have stacks of books all over my house as all of my book cases are FULL. And I just got a $300 gc for the holidays for my local book store!!!! So more to come.

    • Tara

      I’m so jealous of the $300 in gift cards! Think of all the books one could buy with $300…that would almost call for a whole free shelf, at least!

  10. Oh BTW – shameless plug. I am a writer – recently agented and recently switched to Word Press – so anyone interested in reading should check out my blog! Thanks

  11. The Kansas IKEA is scheduled to open this year. Any of us who have ever lived near one is ready to pounce as soon as the doors open. I love some of their basics, like the Billy bookcases. Congratulations on yours!

    • Tara

      And what I love about IKEA is that they don’t change their basic styles. I used to have two basic bookcases from Walmart, but then Walmart stopped selling that color and I could never buy a matching bookcase. At least at IKEA I can be fairly certain that I can go buy a matching bookcase in various sizes and shapes to expand my collection if I ever need to (or if I move).

  12. They are gorgeous! The ‘hope’ sign on them’s pretty cool too. ๐Ÿ˜€

    The shelving situation’s getting a little desperate at home as Mum and I both inadvertently hoard books in much the same way that dragons hoard gold (only with less fire- we wouldn’t want to risk damaging the books!) We’ve converted a bedroom to a ‘library’ that the neighbours occasionally borrow books from, which is pretty cool. The living room’s slowly going the same way too…

  13. I got a new bookcase for Christmas that I was sorely in need of! I also just moved my TBR books to the built-in (but kinda crappy) shelves in my apt. It needed to happen. My three other shelves needed room to breathe, and books were piling up all over the apt.

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