Rating System

My rating system is a slight variation on the Goodreads rating system:

“didn’t like it”

“it was ok”

“liked it”

“really liked it”

“it was amazing”

However, I add a little bit to this to make it a grading system:

0  – “DNF”

F – “Generally terrible and problematic”

 D+/D/D- “Did not meet expectations”

 C+/C/C- “Met my expectations”

B+/B/B- “Exceeded my expectations”

 A+/A/A- “Top 10 of the year-worthy”

Things of Note With My System:

  1. All books are rated within their genre. This is why my descriptions above focus on expectations. I don’t expect a YA romance to win the Pulitzer, but I do expect it to make me smile and surprise me. My expectation when I pick up a romance is different from a middle grades novel, or non-fiction, or literary fiction.
  2. All books start out as 3 star reads in my head.
  3. The goal of this system is to have my ratings form a bell curve, with most of my books earning a C/
  4. However, I rarely give out 1-star ratings for two reason. First, I likely won’t pick up a book that I would rate that low. Second, I would give up on a bad book rather than keep reading it.
  5. I don’t post DNF reviews for everything I DNF. I generally only do this for books I receive for review.